Safety When Out & About

Don't Act Like A Victim

Don't show people that you are the perfect victim by acting or looking weak, timid or unobservant. It is even easier to be victim to a crime if you are alone, isolated or drunk through alcohol use.

Have Numbers Memorized
Aside from the obvious emergency numbers for police and ambulances etc, make sure you always have a friend or family members number memorized so that you can always call them if you run into difficulties.
Make Sure You Have Money

If you can make sure you always have the money for a taxi home, this way you are guaranteed a safe ride home or to a friends. Make sure you use a fully certificated taxi firm.

Tell Someone Where You Are

Make sure you always tell someone where you are going and what you are doing. If something happens to you, it is much better if at least one person knows where you are at all times.

Watch Your Drinks

If you go on a night out make sure you always watch your drink to be sure that no one has spiked it and if you go outside for a cigarette or you go to the toilet make sure you leave it with a trusted friend or a family member.

Watch Where You Walk

When walking at night make sure you always walk in well-lit areas and always stay on a main road where if you need help you can always get it.