Safety Online

Be Careful When Sharing Posts Online

Think about what you should or shouldn't be posting and make sure you double check before posting your content.


Don't give anyone that you don't know or only know online your address and the address of your place of education or work.

Meeting Someone You Met Online

If you agree to meet someone that you only know online, be sure to not go on your own and always tell someone where you plan on going too.

Private Details

Never give your email address or any passwords to someone you don't know.

Privacy Settings

Make sure your social media privacy settings are set as high as they can possibly be.

Secure Websites

Try your very best to visit secure websites, a secure website's address or URL will start with https (S - Stands for secure).

Suspicious Content
If you see something online that is suspicious tell a trusted adult immediately and if it is something that points to criminal charges, tell the police, if you see something you think points to terrorism, go straight to act initiative.